1 Reason why social media makes us less social

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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A couple of minutes after the POTUS has made his grand appearance, the crowd has settled down to hear his highly anticipated speech. Moments later I leaned over to my friend to get confirmation that this moment is AWESOME!!!. Instead, I received nothing. As I glance over, I notice she was wired—in.  She was updating her facebook with pictures of him on stage. Next, she sent out a couple of tweets.  In her attempt to share her experience with her electronic friends and followers, she was missing the tangible experience with me. She was neglecting the person right next to her. And more importantly she was missing the experience of being PRESENT.This brief event disrupted the connotations I had about social media and its impact on society.

 1 reasons why social media make us less social:

It causes us the be constantly wired-in. Giving our family,  friends and the girl next door point by point play of our lives via Facebook or tweets may seem….. seamless, but it takes more time away from the present than one thinks! I understand the burning desire to capture life as it happens, but the moment to share with you audience is after the moment has passed. Especially, when you have a once in a life time event happen right before your eyes. Every second spent selecting a photo, cropping it, writing a caption and posting, is a moment lost that you can never post.

  1. John Gilroy says:

    good start — needs an image — some development of the theme

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